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Product overview

The Aeon Labs Aeotec Z wave 4 in 1 multi sensor makes use of a passive infra red sensor. This passive infra red device detects every movement from persons and communicates with your wireless Z Wave controller. This sensor also includes a light, temperature and humidity sensor what makes it multi usable, even in outdoors situations.

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Aeon Aeotec Z-wave 4in1 Multi-sensor

Connect the Aeotec 4 in 1 Multi sensor to your Z Wave controller and it will give you a complete overview readings on temperature, light levels, movement and humidity. The gateways can even send you a SMS, Email of Push message when any changes are detected. Let it pull your sunscreen up when it rains or let the RGWB module automatically adjust the lighting to the weather. Permanent power true a USB charger or with the included batteries.


  • Wireless motion sensor
  • Wireless temperature sensor
  • Wireless brightness sensor
  • Wireless humidity sensor
  • Alarm is triggered when motion is detected
  • 12 moths battery operation with average use
  • Easy installation

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