fibaro-home-center-liteFibaro Home Center Lite

Fibaro has launched its new product, the Fibaro Home Center Lite which is designed with the needs of other consumers in mind. The Home Center Lite changes your life and makes it safer and most importantly convenient. With this product, your home becomes comfortable, efficient, and intelligent. The good part is that it is a small product that will not take up a lot of space but it has quite a lot of amazing effects. The device might be tiny but its potential is huge. It allows you to control your home regardless of where you are in the world and all you need is your phone or tablet.

What the company has done is to squeeze the brain of the intelligent HC Lite into a small box. Most people do not like devices that take up so much space in their house unless it is a TV. The small box comes with the convenience you need to manage your intelligent home all wrapped in a small package that works through wireless communication operations. The advanced technology used is what has reduced the device to a miniature box that can be placed anywhere without necessarily shouting for attention.

What It Doesfibaro systeem
The Manufacturer of Fibaro Home Center Lite has combined a number of important functions that will help you in keeping your home safe and comfortable for your family. The system has been crafted to meet your needs and hand you the power to create a reality in your home. You get a chance to personalize everything intelligently and this will lead to the system meeting all your needs and habits. There is a Fibaro app that will be of great assistance in creating a new command post. You will have an opportunity to modify icons and create new ones and this will ensure that you have all the useful icons easily accessible.

Connection To Other Devices
The HC Lite has been fitted with an effective wireless communication technology and the installation will not require modifications to the structure that already exist. The wireless communication system is equipped with advance technology that will ensure that the communication remains effective. There is the Z-wave technology which works magic in connecting with other wireless devices in your home. You can have the Fibaro Home Center Lite connected to up to 230 devices in your home.

Home SystemControl Your home and living space
With the HC Lite, you can control quite a number of features in your home. First, you can manage power consumption by tracking how different devices are consuming power and shutting down those that are not in use. You will also have the control of the media device in the house from music TV and Wi-Fi. With the system, you will be safe because it will report any threats such as floods, leaking gas, break in, or fire. You also get multiple expansion options and can connect the system with as many devices as you want and manage your intelligent home from anywhere in the world.