fibaro-wall-plugFibaro Wall Plug

With the cost of energy skyrocketing day in day out, it has become extremely important to keep tabs on power usage. This enables one to know what is happening and also to control the power more effectively especially if there are other devices connected. The fibaro wall plug is one such device and it has taken the market by storm due to its reliability, effectiveness as well as its small size as it happens to be the smallest device globally performing such duties.

The fibaro wall plug has a power metering feature which allows you to see you past and present power consumption. It’s also fitted with a crystal LED ring which shows when the power level fluctuates either upwards or downwards by changing its color. This wall plug can be remotely controlled and be used in any instance where you have electrical devices with up to 2.5 KW power output that need to be controlled and monitored efficiently. All you need to do is plug in the fibaro in a wall socket and you are ready to go.gazeta 4

The plug can also be used in the amazing Z wave and the antenna has quite an acceptable range which on average it goes up to 30m indoors and 50m outdoors but then again this is determined by the building’s materials. In the Z-wave, devices operate by controlling each other in that a device can be the controller of another device or be the controlled one. Fibaro wall plug has dual benefits as it can control and be controlled.

Other than power control, this wall plug can be used to enhance security in your home as it can monitor your electric fence. You can also associate a PIR with the plug where by the power will be turned on should the PIR detect movements. This offers great protection especially at night.

Other than that, you can control all your lights by associating several plugs whereby should you switch either of the plugs on or off, all your lights follow suit. This is essential in large buildings where energy saving is a concern. Many associations can be made with the fibaro wall plug and all the aspects controlled remotely making operations very easy.

plug_01Apart from protecting your family or home from burglary or trespassers you can use the plug to avoid other dangers like fires, smoke, CO and CO2 amongst other things as it can respond alarm messages picked up on the Z-wave. That said the fibaro wall plug has numerous benefits which include convenience as it saves you time, money and energy by allowing you to control operations in your premises all at a cheap fee.

This device also helps in conservation of the environment since you can monitor and control the energy used in your home or business premises. Fully automating your house means you can get great discounts on insurance policies and you also make an investment in that should you think of selling your house, it will fetch a higher price. The wall plug gives you many options when it comes to how you want to handle most things in your house and this solidly puts you in charge.