Keep Your Home Safe With Fibaro Universal Dimmer

If you want to control lights in your home, then think about installing a Fibaro universal dimmer. The device is a certified radio-controlled gadget that dims or starts your lights by programming it to particular light sources. As its name suggests, the gadget is universal and can work with almost any type of light source. You can also connect it to a two or three wire cable to switch or dim a light source in two ways: through radio waves or through a wall switch. In both cases, the device works efficiently to meet your objectives.

After successful installation, the device is able to sense automatically the connected light source, and offers automatic overload control through a programmed switch off or soft start function. Fibaro universal dimmer works both as a connector and as a dimmer with two or three wire cables. Here are some of the highlights of the device:installation-fibaro-dimmer

When you use the device for dimming purposes, you can program it to work with conventional florescent lamps such as the lighting fixtures you use in residential or commercial places. It can also work with 230-volt halogen lamps as well as those with 12-voltage capacity. The universal dimmer also works well with dimmable LED lamps. This flexibility gives you a wide array of options for which you can use the device. Regardless of the type of light source you have, it is possible to find it useful in your home, office, or commercial places.

Alternatively, you can use the dimmer as a connector. If this is your preferred objective, the device works with compact fluorescent lights, led lamps and other types of old school fluorescent lamps. With such types of lamps, you can find the device quite useful as long as you have done your connections properly.

universal-dimmer-home-centerOperation: In some cases, operating the device poses challenge to many users. However, you just need to understand the basics about how it works and you can be fine. You can operate the device through various options. One way is through any compatible controller such as home center controller. Once the installation is complete, the system is up, and running, you can simply use your normal home center controller to operate it.

Other ways through which you can operate the device include mobile phone such as IPhone. Not only do you need an iPhone but you can also use other types of phones as long as they feature control applications. Tablet devices such as an ipod can also operate the device, or a PC connected to an internet browser.

Like any other machine, your Fibaro universal dimmer may have difficulty in reaching the programmed transmitter. fibaro-dimmer-iphoneUnder such circumstances, you need some DIY solutions before you can call for expert assistance. Ensure that during the programming, the device does not exceed its range of signal. It is also important to ensure there are no obstacles on the signal circumference such as metallic surfaces and reinforced ceilings. Set the device to program mode and repeat once more if it does not work. In case of further problems, seek expert advice from qualified technical staff.