fibaro-smoke-sensorFibaro Smoke Sensor
“The finest of smoke sensors on the market today”

You can never be too safe, this especially when it comes to fires and other household accidents. Fires can break out at any moment. In worse case scenarios it may be too late by the time you or someone else notices that there is a problem. This is why you will be grateful when you come across the technology employed in Fibaro smoke sensor. Buying a smoke sensor is not a difficult task nowadays. There are so many brands that deal with these devices but the best of them all have to be those from Fibaro.

Powerful smoke sensors

Perhaps the most prominent thing about the Fibaro smoke sensors is that they are Z- Wave compatible. This might not mean so much to some people but this is as good as it gets when it comes to wireless communication. In other words you can control the smoke sensor remotely without having to find ladders or even remove it. Z- Wave compatibility is great because it is one of the cheapest forms of wireless communication- it does not consume so much power. You will not have to worry about impossibly big power bills.


Speaking of power, the Fibaro smoke sensor can draw its power from one of two ways. The device can be powered by a battery. On average the battery will last at least three years. Alternatively you can use VDC power either 24 or 12 VDC. This is great especially if you reside in a place where power outages are a common occurrence. The battery will come in really handy even when the power is out.

When smoke is detected by the sensor, the alarm is set off. It will be signalled by sound, the LED diode will also blink and then the sensor will send operating commands to the other devices in the Z- Wave network. On top of that, the smoke alarm may be relayed to an alarm system in the house.

No fire will get out of hand

detection-ipadOptical smoke detectors function to detect smoke at an early stage just as the fire is starting out. This is exactly what the Fibaro smoke detector will do. Usually, before the flames appear, the smoke will be produced and the temperature starts rising considerably. The Fibaro sensor brings with it a built-in temperature sensor that will trigger the alarm when a specific temperature threshold is surpassed. As such, an alarm will go off long before the flames start appearing.

Installing the Fibaro Smoke Sensor

The sensor can be installed in just about any place in the house. It is however to advised that you keep it in a place where temperatures do not rise too much. Such places as near the cooker, light bulbs or other electronics might make the device to produce false alarms due to the increase in temperatures. You can mount the device on the ceiling or even on the wall- as you see fit.

The Fibaro smoke sensor is designed to function in confined spaces where the conditions are normal. Places where there is no dust, water vapor (condensed) or smoke are the best to install the device. It will function without causing any false alarms every now and then.