fibaro-motion-sensorFibaro Motion Sensor

The state of security in the world has continued to deteriorate at an alarming rate and this has prompted people to put up extra measures so as to protect themselves and their properties. With the aid of technology which is fortunately advancing by the day, this has been made possible and one amazing device that you can use to achieve so much more inclusive of security is the Fibaro motion sensor.

It’s a very small device that looks like a cat’s eye and its able to detect even the slightest of movements and it can therefore be used to monitor your house when you are out and even when you are in. You can also adjust its settings given that different locations/rooms in the house might be made of different materials.

fibaro-z-wave-motion-sensor-fib_fms0102_1This Fibaro sensor can detect vibrations and its changes making it able to detect earthquakes and therefore giving you ample time to take precautions. With its own in-built temperature control, it’s able to moderate the temperature in different rooms so as to make the environment comfortable for you. Its LED indicator changes colour alerting you of different changes.Its light level sensor allows it to measure the illumination intensity in your rooms and it can therefore be able to adjust the intensity accordingly depending on the situation for your comfort. For example when your child goes to sleep, Fibaro turns off the lights in his/her bedroom and should she wake up before time, the device will turn on lights at a low intensity.

motion-sensor-alarmComing to security, you can learn of everything that is going on at home when you are not there thanks to Fibaro motion sensor. This is because it records every moment as well as the time that each individual spends in each room so you will know if your children watch the TV past their bedtime and should you want, you can turn the TV off remotely. Fibaro can also trigger intruder as well as security alarms should it detect motion and it also reminds you to arm your alarm if you forget.

When you have visitors, this device also becomes aware of them and it uses all its features to ensure they have a pleasant time. For example, after noting the increase in number of people, it will turn on the ventilation to allow sufficient fresh air. It also records the movements of the guests and also has tamper protection so should anyone try to relocate the sensor’s place; you will instantly receive a message to alert you. The Fibaro motion sensor can work within a range of 30 and 50m indoors and outdoors respectively but this fluctuates based on the terrain and structures.

Lastly but not least, the Fibaro motion sensor is attuned to your habits and it automatically adjusts the settings to how you like at a particular time. Being powered by super long lasting batteries and making use of wireless Z-wave means that these devices are extremely portable and hence can be placed anywhere you like. It also works seamlessly with other devices say a camera and this makes it ideal for any situation.