Fibaro home center 2Fibaro Home Center 2

It is not once that you have left the front door open when you go to bed or left the roller blinds up. It is common human nature to forget even when that could put you and your family in real danger like is the case of leaving the front door unlocked when you go to bed. That is why there are a variety of home security systems that help alert you when someone comes into your home with ill intentions. While this could be very helpful, to you and your family what would be even more helpful is if the system would warn you that the door was unlocked and remind you to lock it. This is where the Fibaro Home center 2 comes to play.

The Fibaro Home Center 2 is a range of products that are meant to act like your butler who you never have to pay. Once you have bought the mechanism and set up all the compatible apparatus that include the heating system the coffee machine and even other things like the gate, roller blinds and even the TV.

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Fibaro Home Center 2

Many Applications

There are many applications to the Fibaro Home Center 2 which is the creation of Fibaro which is a European home intelligence manufacturing company. The Home center 2 is able to know which roller blind has been left up and any doors that have been left unlocked and will let you know so that you act accordingly the best thing about this is that you do not have to risk the life of your family by letting someone come into your home announced. This system makes sure that you’re able to keep them out all-together. But how exactly is this device able to achieve this fete?


Control automation

To begin with the home center 2 from Fibaro integrates to multiple control, automation and internet protocols into one simple plug and play device that is ideally located in your home. Through this device that communicates to your other appliances and features in the home using electronic sensors, wireless as well wired communications which are then communicated to a central portal server with the help of an existing broadband connection. This is how to communicate with the other appliances. You can have the software installed in your phone or your computer and this has a simple and very attractive interface that makes it not only easy but also exciting to use.

total-control-smartphoneThe best thing about the Fibaro Home Center 2 is that, it is also able to witch off the appliances for you. Say for example you went on a camping trip and you left the heating system on. The system will let you know of this and ask if you would like it to switch it off for you. That way you don’t have to abandon your fan moment to go and attend to your home. How would you like to come home to a hot cup of coffee and everything just the way you like it even the temperature in your home? This device is also able to do that. With an integrated GPS system on your car, once you state that you’re going home it will slowly and timely have everything ready for you. Not only does it save you money in terms of bills and security, it also does a great job to ensure that you’re safe and comfortable.