Feel save with Fibaro doors / windows sensors

fibaro-doo-window-sensorIt is undeniable that the population rate and the standard way of living today are increasing for both cases. Some people may afford it, but some of those who don’t lean on other insecure ways to fend for themselves. These can heighten the level of insecurities about where you live. Several security organizations have been created to solve some of the insecurity and trespassing problems. Having people at your door or gate as security is a good idea, but why not go digital? In the long run, implementing modern technology such a door and window sensors is quite cheaper and less time consuming. You will also find out that more area is covered with these door sensors keeping you and your family safe.

Fibaro home intelligence is a company dedicated to making your living very safe. It produces quite a variety of products; controllers, switches and dimmers, remote and wall transmitters, heating and air conditioning, and not forgetting door and window sensors. The Fibaro Door and Window sensor is battery powered and is a Z- wave compatible reed-sensor. For first timers who use this product knowing how it works is not mind-cracking. This sensor is used to detect movement through doors, gate entrances, garage, roller blinds and windows by simply splitting its 2 elements. Every time these two elements are detached, a radio-signal is sent to the main controller of the Z-wave network.fibaro-door-window-sensor

Fibaro doors and windows sensor puts in use together the functionality of four devices, reed sensor, binary input, temperature sensor, and scene switch. It uses the automatic light control, home security and access control systems. The reed sensor checks the state of the closing and opening of any windows and doors of your residence and can alert you when there is an unofficial intrusion. What most people don’t know is the installation of this sensor removes the risks of paying unnecessarily high costs for heating and air conditioning. Detection of a window being opened automatically prevents the launch of air conditioning in that particular room. The sensor module works together with the DS18-B20-temperature sensor which is sold separately. For connection, place the 3-leads into the inputs and tighten them using the installation screws. The reed sensor gives the Fibaro System information regarding an open door/ window temperature which allows the temperature or heat-sensor to collect the required data for routine aeration without excessive cooling.

fibaro-door-windowMore uses than doors and windows alone.

One of the door and window sensor features can automatically generate pre-programmed scenes. It’s simple; connect any sensor like motion detectors to the Fibaro sensor module and it will trigger the start of the pre-programmed scene. This enables the creating of battery powered wireless switch for several devices. Coming home tired and being forced to open the front gate to park the car shouldn’t be a problem any more. Create a switch in conjunction with your car module. It will unlock the gates, raise the garage doors, ignite ventilation, turn the driveway lights on and most definitely close the gates.

Ladies, I know what you are thinking. Security issues should be dealt with men! You could be single, living alone. Use this to keep you safe. Probably you’re thinking the most frequent trespasser is your neighbour’s cat. Who knows, maybe he isn’t the only one. Your life is not worth gambling. Keep you safe with Fibaro Door and Window Sensor!

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