FIBARO Home Intelligence – Total control in the palm of your hands!

The FIBARO system changes independent control of electrical and electronic equipment in a group of cooperating devices that interplay with each other, creating optimum comfort for the user. The system is based on Z-Wave wireless technology,  and offers a non-invasive installation process, which eliminates the need to run meters of cables. This FIBARO system can be installed in new and existing buildings. The FIBARO system can be managed remotely, which allows the users to have complete and constant control of their homes. Have peace of mind when you travel on business trips, vacations, or a visit to friends, knowing your home is safe and secure.

Home Center 2

Is the brains of the Fibaro system
which controls the smart home.

The Home Center is a consumer electronics device used for home automation. It is the brains of FIBARO system. The gateway communicates with electronic sensors and devices located throughout the home using wireless and wired communications and connect to the central portal server using existing broadband connection (Cable or DSL)


The integrated Z-Wave interface module allows the user to control all compatible devices from PC or laptop. The Home Center integrates multiple complicated control, automation and internet protocols into one simple plug-n-play device. It provides a clear, consistent interface
Home-Center-front-hqthat allows user to easily monitor home, whether at home, office or using mobile phone on the road. Configuring devices to the network is very simple and includes only: detection of module indicated by the panel, giving a name and assigning to a room. The system can also be connected to the car and run a specific sequence of events just by flashing the lights. In addition, you can create advanced predefined scenes. Moreover it allows geolocation and introduces option of users’ rights management. FIBARO control unit is protected by an advanced data recovery solution and backup of the settings is automatically saved on a USB stick hidden in the housing.


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FIBARO and Z-Wave

fibaro-logoThis innovative wireless protocol is used by automated home systems to communicate. The devices used by this technology include alarms, thermostats, lighting, electronic video and audio equipment as well as ventilation and air conditioning units. The Z-Wave technology is a MESH network where each device can send and receive control commands. In addition, this network allows for devices to monitor and control functions of other modules and in its turn provide information of their status to the central unit. The Fibaro System gadgets/devices are based on the Z-Wave technology. As a result, these devices can work independent of each other or in groups, sharing information with each other and in turn provide unlimited automation options in your home. However, each module (device) is rigorously tried by the owner of the technology in order to certify its compatibility with this technology. As a result, more than 250 companies across the globe have been certified by Z-Wave Alliance to have access to this innovative RF technology.

Z-Wave Technology

z-wave_logoThe Z-Wave technology uses RF (Radio Frequencies) signals in controlling a host of compatible wireless devices and eliminates the need for running new wires around the house. It is a wireless ecosystem that allows compatible electronic gadgets and systems to communicate as well as respond to remote controls. As a technology that is mature and proven, Z-Wave has been as a result adopted by many market leaders across the globe’s sectors that desire smart devices/gadgets and systems. The RF-based communications are designed to specifically control and monitor applications that read status of residential as well as light-duty commercial environments. This technology is by far a global market leader in wireless control, already sold more than 25 million easy to use “smart” devices that are affordable and reliable to millions of people out there. Our online shop offers you the best products from the Fibaro Z-Wave system.

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